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№ 86 (2016) Solonetzic soilscapes in the northern Caspian Lowland: local and spatial heterogeneity of pedofeatures and their changes in time Аннотация  похожие документы
"... A comparative micromorphological analysis of soil fabrics within two- and three-component ..."
№ 84 (2016) Органические и органо-минеральные составляющие фосфатного режима эродированных почв центра Русской равнины Аннотация  PDF (Rus)  похожие документы
З. С. Артемьева, Н. П. Кириллова, Т. М. Силева, Е. И. Сошникова
"... The phosphate state of arable layers of eroded soils from the Centre of Russian plain ..."
№ 86 (2016) Tomography in soil science Аннотация  PDF (Rus)  похожие документы
, , , , , , ,
"... The main advantages of applying computed tomography to studying soil samples include non ..."
№ 86 (2016) Soil micromorphology in archaeology: history, objectives, possibilities and prospects Аннотация  похожие документы
, , ,
"... The history of applying soil micromorphology in archaeology in Russia and abroad is overviewed ..."
№ 86 (2016) Role of cryogenic processes in the organization of soils at macro-, mesoand micro-levels Аннотация  похожие документы
"... Cryogenic processes that occur in permafrost-affected and perennially frozen soils are analyzed ..."
№ 86 (2016) Endolithic and hypolithic soil-like systems: structure and composition from the macroto submicro-levels Аннотация  похожие документы
, , , , , ,
"... of endolithic systems. Endolithic and hypolithic systems have major features attributed to soils: (a) rock layer ..."
№ 86 (2016) Morphogenetic basis of the unified state register of soil resources of Russia Аннотация  похожие документы
, ,
"... Nomenclature and taxonomic diversity of soils and their horizon-profile diagnostics/descriptions ..."
№ 86 (2016) Hierarchical morphogenetic analysis of Kursk chernozem Аннотация  похожие документы
, , ,
"... of the mineral soil ingredients. ..."
№ 86 (2016) Morphological record of pedogenesis and landscape evolution in the upper quaternary pedosediments within the upper Volga river basin Аннотация  похожие документы
"... the Bryansk fossil soils) are described. The profiles of the MIS3 paleosols (dark humic gley and peaty gley ..."
№ 86 (2016) Morphological soil description for classifying soils and interpteting their genesis Аннотация  похожие документы
"... Morphological description of the soil profile must provide further hierarchical morphogenetic ..."
№ 86 (2016) Soil morphology: new challenges and opportunities  похожие документы
№ 86 (2016) Current trends in soil micromorphology: bibliometric approach Аннотация  похожие документы
, , ,
"... ” - collection of thin sections representing a broad array of soils. This work is initiated at V.V. Dokuchaev ..."
№ 86 (2016) The color of soils as a basis for proximal sensing of their composition Аннотация  похожие документы
, , , ,
"... The color is one of the main morphological properties of soils, as it integrally reflects ..."
№ 86 (2016) Salt and gypsum pedofeatures as indicators of soil processes Аннотация  похожие документы
"... Pedofeatures of salts and gypsum in arid and semi-arid soils indicate the salinization process ..."
№ 86 (2016) Variations in the lateral morphological differentiation of gilgai soil complexes Аннотация  похожие документы
"... The structure of gilgai soil complexes is a combination of 3-D units complimenting, entering ..."
№ 86 (2016) Microbiomorphic analysis as part of micromorphological investigations: composition, diagnostics and informative capacity for paleoenvironmental reconstructions Аннотация  похожие документы
"... that these ancient alluvial-lacustrine sediments were transformed by soil-forming processes. The environmental ..."
№ 86 (2016) Central image of Vertisols: evolution of concepts of their morphology and genesis Аннотация  похожие документы
, ,
"... processes of their formation. The early concept described Vertisols as black or dark clayey soils ..."
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