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Hierarchical morphogenetic analysis of Kursk chernozem

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Each of four hierarchical levels in the morphogenetic research is characterized in terms of technical and information facilities. A detailed hierarchical study was performed for the first time for chernozems and may be qualified for a basic one. Its results comprise confirmation of occurrence and details in manifestations of pedogenetic processes well-known in chernozems, as well as additional information on the pedofauna contribution to chernozem formation, variability and dynamics of carbonate pedofeatures, stability of the mineral soil ingredients.

Об авторах

M. Gerasimova
Moscow State University

M. Bronnikova
Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences

N. Khitrov
Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute

I. Shorkunov
Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences

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., ., ., . . Бюллетень Почвенного института имени В.В. Докучаева. 2016;(86):64-76.

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Gerasimova M.I., Bronnikova M.A., Khitrov N.B., Shorkunov I.G. Hierarchical morphogenetic analysis of Kursk chernozem. Dokuchaev Soil Bulletin. 2016;(86):64-76.

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