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Salt and gypsum pedofeatures as indicators of soil processes

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Pedofeatures of salts and gypsum in arid and semi-arid soils indicate the salinization process and its dynamics. Mineralogical and morphological features of these pedofeatures, their distribution in the soil profile as well as confinement to individual components of microstructure are indicators of soil processes, both modern and relict. The paper presents the results of a comprehensive morpho-mineralogical analysis of the newly formed salt and gypsum pedofeatures in saline soils in the south of European Russia and Cis-Baikal region as well as Transcaucasia, Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

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I. Yamnova
Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute

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. . Бюллетень Почвенного института имени В.В. Докучаева. 2016;(86):96-102.

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Yamnova I.A. Salt and gypsum pedofeatures as indicators of soil processes. Dokuchaev Soil Bulletin. 2016;(86):96-102.

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